Race Ambassador of the Week Ouma Tema

Ouma Tema is the founder of Plus-Fab, a plus-size fashion firm that offers on-trend and stylish clothing to plus-size women. This inspiring entrepreneur, and 2018 race brand ambassador, found her wings by bringing out the fashionista in plus-size women!

“Plus-Fab grew from humble beginnings in the boot of my car and today we have a fully-fledged factory supplying stores across the country. I did not agree with the narrative that said big girls don’t have a space in the fashion business and I wanted to become the change that I wanted to see.

Finding your wings is part of living your best life and looking and feeling amazing can make a huge contribution to that. To me, #FindYourWingz means finding the ability to just ‘be’, being able to dream and going out to achieve all your dreams because wings can really take you places. The only thing you have to do is let them spread. Let go of all the negativity and allow your wings to take you to where you are meant to be and allow them to guide you to being who you truly are no matter what the rest of the world thinks.

If you have found your wings, you should pay it forward and help others find their wings too. Women are naturally nurturers so that narrative of bringing other people up when they are down is not a duty or an obligation. Sometimes women can be really nasty to each other and by doing this we all become weaker because we are cutting each other down instead of helping each other find our wings and becoming an unstoppable force together.”